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JournalCover Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (JPR)

Print ISSN : 0973-7200

Online ISSN: 2454-8405

Frequency : Quarterly

Editor : Dr. Sonal Dubey Sharma

The Journal covers entire spectra of pharmaceutical research like conventional fields of Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology as well as those related to synthesis and processing of pharmaceuticals, molecular modeling, rational drug design, combinatorial and computational chemistry, characterization, toxicity studies, pharmacological evaluation, product development, industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology, dosage form design, targeted drug delivery, stability of drugs, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pro – drug concept, pharmaceutical analysis, standardization and evaluation of raw materials and formulations, clinical pharmacy, adverse drug reactions, therapeutic drug monitoring, metabolic disposition of bioactive agents, pharmaceutical engineering, protein – peptide chemistry, biotechnology directly related to pharmaceutical technology, phytochemistry, phytopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbal drug research, phytopharamcology, regulations on drug development and any other novel vista in pharmaceutical research.

Volume 15, Issue 4, October-December 2016


Table of Contents

From the Patron’s Desk

Invited Article

Optimization of Pharmaceutical Product Formulation by Factorial Designs: Case Studies
K. P. R. Chowdary, K. Ravi Shankar 105-109
Total views: 142

Research Article

Rational and Empiric Antibiotic Prescription in General Medicine Department
Jampala Raghu Ram, Nandagopal Anitha, Ishrath Unnisa 110-114
Total views: 113
Business Model Based Pricing Strategy for Pharma Products in Southeast Asian Region
A. V. Jayapala Reddy, B. Madhusudhan Rao 115-129
Total views: 151
Design and Optimization of Controlled Drug Delivery System of Losartan Potassium
C. Ashoka, Bharani S. Sogali, Hamed Barzeh 130-137
Total views: 145

Review Article

Kigelia Pinnata: Exploration of Potential Medicinal Usage in Human Ailments
Bishwo Raj Dhungana, Y. Jyothi, Kuntal Das 138-146
Total views: 150
A Review on Extended Release Matrix Tablet
Hamed Barzeh, Bharani S. Sogali, Sepideh Shadvar 147-152
Total views: 491
Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System - An Innovative Approch for Enhacement of Solubility and Therapeutic Potential
A. Ramya, Preethi Sudheer, Bharani S. Sogali 153-161
Total views: 147
Semecarpus Anacardium - A Wonderful Plant with Varied Medicinal Properties
Sabita Upreti, Mohd. Sauf Anam, S. V. Rajendra, Kuntal Das, Raman Dang 162-173
Total views: 138
Enhancing the Solubility of BCS Class II and IV Drugs by Sedds Approach- A Structured Review
S. K. Roopesh, Kavitha Reddy, R. Chandramouli, Deborose Soans 174-180
Total views: 116
A Review on Self Emulsified Drug Delivery System: A Promising Approach for Drug Delivery of BCS Class II and IV Drugs
Neha Tiwari, Himansu Chopra, Manoj Sagar, Ashok Kumar Sharma 181-188
Total views: 162