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Evaluation of Anti-Asthmatic Activity of Centratherum anthelminticum Linn. in Experimental Animals


  • Department of Pharmacology, Sardar Patel College of Pharmacy, Bakrol - 388 315, Dist-Anand, Gujarat, India


Purpose: The aim of study was to evaluate the scientific basis for the traditional use of Centratherum anthelminticum Linn. seeds in asthma.

Design/Methodology: In the present study, methanolic extract of Centratherum anthelminticum seeds was evaluated for preliminary phytochemical study and antiasthmatic activity by Histamine induced preconvulsion dyspnoea (PCD), Mast cell degranulation (MCD) by compound 48/80 and Egg albumin induced asthma at different dose levels. In PCD animals were divided into three groups and % increase in time of PCD was recorded. In MCD, animals were divided into seven groups and % protection of mast cells was measured. In egg albumin induced asthma, animals were divided into five groups. Broncho alveolar fluid was collected and evaluated. Dunnett's t-test and post hoc test were used for statistical analysis.

Findings: Phytochemical study revealed the presence of flavonoids, proteins, Saponins, tannins, steroids, glycosides and phenols. The results of pharmacological studies showed that the methanolic extract of C.anthelminticum significantly decreased bronchospasm induced by histamine and protected the mass cell degranulation as compared to the control groups. It also significantly decreased the total leukocyte and different WBC count in egg albumin induced asthma.

Conclusions: Methanolic extract of C.anthelminticum seeds possess antiasthmatic activity. Antiasthmatic action of C.anthelminticum could be due to its antihistaminic, mast cell stabilizing property and preventive effect on infiltration of inflammatory cells.


Centratherum anthelminticum Linn. , Histamine Induced Preconvulsion Dyspnoea (CPD), Mast Cell Degranulation (MCD), Egg Albumin Induced Asthma, Compound 48/80.

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