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A Review on Drug Interactions in Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs by Mechanism of Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Inhibition


  • Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy, #12/1, Chikkabellandur, Carmelaram Post, Varthur Hobli , Bangalore - 560035, KA, India


Purpose: Drug interaction is a phenomenon that has to be thoroughly investigated in order to avoid adverse effects. This review article highlights the drug interaction of oral hypoglycemics by mechanism of cytochrome P450 enzyme inhibition.

Approach: Published articles from PubMed and other sources were used to review and compile these drug interaction studies.

Findings: Drug interaction in oral hypoglycemics by mechanism of cytochrome P450 enzyme inhibition can increase the risk of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients and hence dose adjustments may be required.

Conclusion: These drug interaction studies are essential for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus as it prevents the risk of occurrence of hypoglycemia. This information is also important for the prescribing physicians as dose alteration or alternate drugs need to administered in case of concomitant administration of drugs in case of polypharmacy.


Drug Interaction, CYP450 Enzyme, Oral Hypoglycemics, Food-Drug Interaction.

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