Special Edition, 2015

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Foreword  | 
Total views: 285

From Chief Editor's Desk

From Chief Editor's Desk  | 
R. S. Thakur 13-22
Total views: 275

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's Desk  | 
Sonal Dubey 23-23
Total views: 276

Invited Article

PvPI and Challenges  | 
Raju Koneri 28-28
Total views: 250
Intravenous Medication Safety and Role of Pharmacist  | 
Manjula Devi 33-34
Total views: 276
Pharmaceutical Pricing in India: A Pharmacoeconomic Perspective  | 
R. Chandramouli 35-35
Total views: 287
Role of Pharmacists in Cancer Care: Medication Safety and Pharmacoeconomic Perspective  | 
Himanshu J. Patel 36-36
Total views: 294
Research in Pharmacoeconomics - Indian Scenario  | 
K. G. Revikumar 37-37
Total views: 254
Patient Reported Outcome Measurements  | 
T. M. Anil 38-38
Total views: 256
Pharmacoeconomics in Public Health  | 
G. P. Mohanta 39-39
Total views: 268
Pharmacovigilance: Overview and Importance  | 
Rekha Raghuram 25-26
Total views: 289
Medication Safety: The Challenges  | 
Ananya Chakraborty 32-32
Total views: 253
An Ideal Pharmacoeconomic Model for Indian Scenario  | 
Venkatraghavan Sundaram 41-41
Total views: 280
Methods of Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation - An Overview  | 
Shobha Rani, R. Hiremath 27-27
Total views: 275
Is This the End of the Animal Testing Era in Drug Discovery - Recent Advances and Future Trends  | 
Prakash V. Mallya 31-31
Total views: 265
Challenges and Opportunities of Practicing Pharmacy in Oman  | 
H. R. Chitme 42-42
Total views: 284
Medication Errors  | 
S. Ramachandra Setty 29-30
Total views: 267
Applications of Pharmacoeconomics in out-Patient Settings  | 
N. M. Mahesh 43-43
Total views: 252
Pharmacovigilance: Aggregate Reports  | 
Inder Makhija 40-40
Total views: 243

Research Article

Assessment of Diabetic Knowledge in Patients with Type-II Diabets Mellitus  | 
P. Sreethu, A. M. Jojeena, T. Merlin, B. Judith, N. M. Mahesh, V. Bincy, P. Chandrasekhar, W. Fred 54-54
Total views: 331
Evaluation of Prevalence of Selected Maternal Behaviours and Experiences by Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)  | 
Teena Nazeem, Sabin Thomas 83-83
Total views: 271
Assessment of Drug Prescribing Pattern in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients at a Tertiarycare Hospital  | 
Arya Gigi, Sharon Sunil, Prince Hepzhiba, N. M. Mahesh, Mrudula Giri, Ajoy Krishnamurthy 45-45
Total views: 556
Emerging Roles for Folate and Related B-Vitamins in Brain Health across the Lifecycle  | 
G. Mrudula, N. Anitha 84-84
Total views: 258
A Prospective Study on Prevalence of Drug Interactions in Prescriptions at a Teritarycarehospital  | 
M. Supriya, G. S. Sowjanya 68-68
Total views: 358
Heamovigilance for Safer Blood Transfusion Process  | 
Jiji Angali George, N. Vijay Krishna 85-85
Total views: 319
Amiodarone Induced QTC Prolongation : A Case Report  | 
Malini Muraleedharan Nair, Hisham Ahamed, Akhila Sivadas 55-55
Total views: 313
Augmentin Induced Steven Johnson Syndrome : Case Report  | 
Dhanya Susan, Mary Sruthi Johny, Akhila Sivadas, Thrasiama Thomas 86-86
Total views: 609
Efficacy of Fixed Low Dose Rasburicase in the Prevention and Treatment of Tumor Lysis Syndrome  | 
Remya Antony, Sandhya Lakshmi, Akhila Sivadas, Wesley M. Jose, Neeraj Sidharthan, K. Pavithran 46-46
Total views: 322
Gilles De La Tourette Syndrome: A Case Report  | 
B. Judith, A. S. Josfin 87-87
Total views: 270
Nimesulide Induced Stevens Johnson Syndrome: A Case Report  | 
Merlin Thaipparambil Silvan, S. Aneesh, Nazia Iqbal, Rajeswari Ramasamy, Teena Nazeem 69-69
Total views: 425
Prescription Analysis of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Tertairycarehospital  | 
Vidya Alex, Suja Abraham, S. Smitha 88-88
Total views: 285
Assessment of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions in Prescriptions of Patients with Chronic Diseases in Community Setting  | 
Patel Jaskumar, Jaidev Kumar, Ansu Anie Sunny, Mit Kaushikbhai Suthar, Umesh 47-47
Total views: 327
Pramipexole Induced Complete Heart Block: A Case Report  | 
Somy Cherian, Preenumol Thomas, T. P. Sreekrishnan, K. P. Gireesh Kumar 89-89
Total views: 302
Study on Determinants of Self Medication Practice amongst Consumers in Parts of East Bengaluru  | 
Joice Samuel, Merlin Thaipparambil Silvan, Sachin Mathew Mathews, Rajeswari Ramasamy, R. Chandramouli, Teena Nazeem, M. Madhusudhan 56-56
Total views: 321
Ciprofloxacin Induced Erythema Multiforme: A Case Report  | 
A. S. Josfin, B. Judith 90-90
Total views: 271
Beta Thalassemia: An Inherited Blood Disorder and its Treatment Approaches  | 
Sabita Upreti, Mrudula Giri, Arjan Aryal 70-70
Total views: 324
Data Mining Algorithms Used Byregulatory Bodiesof Differentcountries for Signal Detection in Pharmacovigilance  | 
A. Ashritha, A. Pramod Kumar, U. Krishna 91-91
Total views: 280
Analysis of Clinical Pharmacist Reported Adverse Drug Reactions from Oncology Department in a Tertiary Care Hospital  | 
Delcey Reachel Varghese, Mary Sruthi Johny, Akhila Sivadas, K. Pavithran 57-57
Total views: 301
Consequences and Complications of Long Term Use of proton Pump Inhibitors  | 
T. Arathy, V. Bincy, B. V. Sindhuja, K. Irene, M. Nayana, V. Jemi 92-92
Total views: 283
Clinical Assessment of Severity in COpD Patients with Lower Socioeconomic Status Using Modified Medical Research Council (mMRC) Scale  | 
Sharon Sunil, Arya Gigi, Prince Hepzhiba, N. M. Mahesh, Mrudula Giri, Ajoy Krishnamurthy 71-71
Total views: 324
Assessment of 1P/19Q Deletionby Flourescenceinsitu Hybridization (FISH) in Glioma Patientsfrom Asingle Institute Experience  | 
Karthika Ashok Kumar, Akhila Sivadas, A. S. Ananya Dutt, Chanshi Chandran, M. V. Thampi, K. Pavithran 93-93
Total views: 287
Prescribing Pattern in an Intensive Car Unit in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital, Bangalore, South India  | 
Janet Jacob, Ahmadi Naaz, Cijy Thomas, Rajeswari Ramasamy, Teena Nazeem, Susheela Shekar 48-48
Total views: 287
Pharmacogenetics & Pharmacovigilance - the Link  | 
Keshav Kunwar, Riju Pathak, Trushit Patel, Uma Rani, Rajeswari Ramasamy 94-94
Total views: 315
Linezolid Induced Lactic Acidosis: A Case Report  | 
B. Chinchumol, V. Bincy, Rajeswari Ramasamy 72-72
Total views: 279
Evaluation of Modified Borg Dyspnoea Score and 6-Minute Walk Test in Pulmonaryarterial Hypertensionpatients Recievingphosphodiesterase Inhibitors  | 
Teena Nazeem, Sabin Thomas, Govinda Ajmera 95-95
Total views: 336
HIV/AIDS Counselling Skills and Strategies: Can Testing and Counselling CURB the Epidemic?  | 
I. Avinash, M. Hema Sri 49-49
Total views: 331
Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A Case Report  | 
Homesh Choudhary, Rajeswari Ramasamy, Arjan Aryal, Abino Denny, Kalyani Kattakam 96-96
Total views: 362
A Study on the Clinical Outcome of Abiraterone Acetate in Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Patients  | 
Aloysius James, Akhila Sivadas, K. Pavithran 58-58
Total views: 349
Role of Immunosuppressants in Graft Rejection in Renal Transplant Patients  | 
Alex Raju, M. Ephraim, S. Sarumathy, P. Shanmugasundaram 97-97
Total views: 286
Octreotide in Management of Diarrhoea in Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome Patients  | 
Preenumol Thomas, Somy Cherian, T. P. Sreekrishnan, K. P. Gireesh Kumar 73-73
Total views: 276
A Prospective Study on Medication Prescribing Pattern for Geriatric Patients in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital  | 
Prakash Goudanavar, Justin Jacob, M. Shiva Rama Krishna, Sharan Elizabeth John, Yalavarthi Keerthi 98-98
Total views: 404
A Prospective Interventional Study on Quality of Life in Tuberculosis Patients  | 
S. Swathi, S. Vaishali, K. Kousalya 50-50
Total views: 446
Improved Physical Endurance Activity of Fruit of Beta vulgaris  | 
Bishwo Raj Dhungana, B. Deepika, S. Atul, H. Krishna, C. Birendra, A. Veena 99-99
Total views: 1069
A Study on Assessment of Drug Use Pattern in Dermatology Out-Patients at a Tertiarycarehospital  | 
B. Shakera, P. Neelkantreddy, R. Harshitha, S. Kishwanth 59-59
Total views: 344
Cardiotoxicity Associated with 5-Fluorouracil- Report of Four Cases  | 
Jisha S. Das, Akhila Sivadas, Ameer Shajahan, K. Pavithran 100-100
Total views: 320
Prescription Audit in Geriatric Hypertensive Patients  | 
M. Minu, N. M. Mahesh, P. Renoy, K. A. Drisyamol, V. Tanuja, M. S. Krishnamurthy 74-74
Total views: 294
Case Report on the Clinical Benefit of Regorafinib in Colorectal Cancer  | 
K. Sukanya Mathew, C. Parvathy Priya, Akhila Sivadas, K. Pavithran 51-51
Total views: 311
Study on Drug Use Pattern of Antibiotics in Urinary Tract Infections among Pregnant Women at a Teaching Hospital  | 
B. Shilpa, G. Manjunath, S. Himaja, Abhijeet 60-60
Total views: 310
Long Term Health Consequences of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  | 
Bincy Varghese, Arathy Thomas, B. V. Sindhuja 75-75
Total views: 308
Assessment of Prescribing Patterns of Antihypertensive Used in the Treatment of Hypertension in Pregnancy in a Teaching Hospital  | 
P. Neelkanth Reddy, B. Ameena, M. Sushruta, N. Sheetal 61-61
Total views: 359
Oxaliplatin-Induced Dysphonia and Dysarthria - A Case Report  | 
Sarada Kolathu, Ranjini Pillai, Akhila, K. Pavithran 52-52
Total views: 462
Assessment of Medication Adherence in Patients with Type-11 Diabetes Mellitus  | 
T. Merlin, A. M. Jojeena, B. Judith, P. Sreethu, N. M. Mahesh, V. Bincy, P. Chandrasekhar, W. Fred 76-76
Total views: 291
Assessment of Medication Utilization in Emergency Patients  | 
P. Akhila, A. S. Josfin, B. Prince, N. M. Mahesh, M. Uthkala, Arjun Kalyanpur 62-62
Total views: 298
The Evaluation and Comparison of the Efficacy and Safety of Ferrous Fumarate and Carbonyl Iron in Pregnancy Induced Iron Deficiency  | 
Laigy Ann George, R. Saraswathi 53-53
Total views: 395
A Prospective Study on ADR Monitoring in General Medicine Department  | 
Pudi Chiranjeevi, Raaga Ravali Tenneti, K. Mamatha 77-77
Total views: 446
Efficacy of Hydroxyurea : A Cytoreductive Agent in Patients with Essential Thrombocytosis - A Single Center Experience  | 
Chanshi Chandran, Karthika Ashok, Raghuveer Prabhu, Akhila Sivadas 63-63
Total views: 292
Assessment of Knowledge Attitude and Practice on Tuberculosis Patients on Dots Therapy  | 
Tintu Babu, Rajeswari Ramasamy, R. Chandramouli, Teena Nazeem, A. M. Nancy, M. Ashwin Krishna, Chinchumol Baby 64-64
Total views: 689
Severe Anaphylaxis with Oxaliplatin Therapy in a Patient with Colon Cancer: A Case Report  | 
Bini Vincent, Akhila Sivadas, Ameer Shahjahan, K. Pavithran 78-78
Total views: 302
Evaluation of Direct Cost Incurred for the Management of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Positive Patients  | 
P. K. Adusumilli, G. Parthasarathi, S. N. Mothi, A. P. Sudheer, V. H. T. Swamy 65-65
Total views: 280
Assessment of Prescribing Pattern of Antihypertensive Medications in Elderly Hypertensive  | 
P. Renoy, K. A. Drisyamol, M. Minu, L. T. Vennapusa, N. M. Mahesh, M. S. Krishnamurthy 79-79
Total views: 271
Prescribing Pattern of Hypertensive Medications in Elderly Patients with Diabetes Mellitus  | 
K. A. Drisyamol, M. Minu, P. Renoy, L. T. Vennapusa, N. M. Mahesh, M. S. Krishnamurthy 66-66
Total views: 283
Primary Cutaneous Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Leg Type - A Case Report  | 
S. Sandhya Lekshmi, Remya Antony, Akhila Sivadas, K. Pavithran 80-80
Total views: 296
The Application of Lean Six Sigma to Provide High Quality, Reliable Health Care  | 
Ahammed Fuwad, Rajeswari Ramasamy, Amal Sebastian, Muhammed Ashique, Ren Joy Mathew, Ujwal Teja Yalla 81-81
Total views: 919
Efficacy and Safety of Intra-Articular Injections of Sodium Hyaluronate and Methyl Prednisolone in Treatment of Osteoarthritis Patients  | 
Susan Isaac, S. Sarumathy, S. Shamugasundaram 67-67
Total views: 326
Memantine Treatment in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease already Receiving Donepezil  | 
B. V. Sindhuja, V. Bincy, T. Arathy, V. Jemi, K. Irene, M. Nayana 82-82
Total views: 259