Volume 15, Issue 3, July-September 2016

Table of Contents

From the Patron’s Desk

Big Data Analytics in Pharmaceutical Development  | 
Suresh Nagpal
Total views: 272

Invited Article

Assessment of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Medicinal Plants and Possible Remedial Measures  | 
Dilip Kumar Das 63-66
Total views: 248

Research Article

K Nearest Neighbor and 3D QSAR Analysis of Thiazolidinone Derivatives as Antitubercular Agents  | 
Shivaratna Khare, Prajakta Subramani, Sujata Choudhari, Siddharth Phalle, Santosh Kumbhar, Atul Kadam, Prafulla B. Choudhari 67-72
Total views: 282
Exploration of Anticancer Potential of Spiropyranopyrazole Derivatives as CDK7 Inhibitors  | 
Manish S. Bhatia, Santosh S. Kumbhar, Vikram S. Kawade, Prafulla B. Choudhari, Neela M. Bhatia, Sandip B. Patil, Pradip B. Patil 73-78
Total views: 295
Development and Validation of a Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC Method for the Estimation of Indomethacin in Pharmaceutical Capsule Formulation  | 
Neelam Sawant, P. N. Sanjay Pai 79-85
Total views: 328
Evaluation of Medication Errors in an Acute Multi Care Unit in a Tertiary Care Hospital  | 
N. Anitha, T. Mamatha, J. Raghuram, Waseem Maheen 86-90
Total views: 314
An Experimental Study of Ethanolic Seed Extract of Vigna mungo Linn. for Nootropic Activity on Albino Rats  | 
Saleem Ahmed, K. A. Sridhar, Syed Aamir, M. D. Salahuddin, Monowar Hussain, Sajjadpasha 91-95
Total views: 255

Review Article

Application of Design of Experiments for Optimizing Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) in Routine Pharmaceutical Product Development  | 
Deborose Soans, R. Chandramouli, A. N. Kavitha, S. K. Roopesh, Sangam Shrestha 96-100
Total views: 360

Case Series

Case Series on Hemoglobin E-Beta-Thalassemia Major  | 
Joice Samuel, Rajeswari Ramasamy 101-104
Total views: 356