Volume 15, Issue 4, October-December 2016

Table of Contents

From the Patron’s Desk

Herbal Medicines- A Revolutionary Change to Equate Tradition to Science  | 
Suresh Nagpal
Total views: 323

Invited Article

Optimization of Pharmaceutical Product Formulation by Factorial Designs: Case Studies  | 
K. P. R. Chowdary, K. Ravi Shankar 105-109
Total views: 379

Research Article

Rational and Empiric Antibiotic Prescription in General Medicine Department  | 
Jampala Raghu Ram, Nandagopal Anitha, Ishrath Unnisa 110-114
Total views: 340
Business Model Based Pricing Strategy for Pharma Products in Southeast Asian Region  | 
A. V. Jayapala Reddy, B. Madhusudhan Rao 115-129
Total views: 467
Design and Optimization of Controlled Drug Delivery System of Losartan Potassium  | 
C. Ashoka, Bharani S. Sogali, Hamed Barzeh 130-137
Total views: 358

Review Article

Kigelia Pinnata: Exploration of Potential Medicinal Usage in Human Ailments  | 
Bishwo Raj Dhungana, Y. Jyothi, Kuntal Das 138-146
Total views: 377
A Review on Extended Release Matrix Tablet  | 
Hamed Barzeh, Bharani S. Sogali, Sepideh Shadvar 147-152
Total views: 910
Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System - An Innovative Approch for Enhacement of Solubility and Therapeutic Potential  | 
A. Ramya, Preethi Sudheer, Bharani S. Sogali 153-161
Total views: 392
Semecarpus Anacardium - A Wonderful Plant with Varied Medicinal Properties  | 
Sabita Upreti, Mohd. Sauf Anam, S. V. Rajendra, Kuntal Das, Raman Dang 162-173
Total views: 570
Enhancing the Solubility of BCS Class II and IV Drugs by Sedds Approach- A Structured Review  | 
S. K. Roopesh, Kavitha Reddy, R. Chandramouli, Deborose Soans 174-180
Total views: 365
A Review on Self Emulsified Drug Delivery System: A Promising Approach for Drug Delivery of BCS Class II and IV Drugs  | 
Neha Tiwari, Himansu Chopra, Manoj Sagar, Ashok Kumar Sharma 181-188
Total views: 544