Volume 16, Issue 2, April-June 2017

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From the Patron’s Desk

Plagiarism  | 
Suresh Nagpal
Total views: 187

Invited Article

Systematic Review on Interaction Studies of Synthetic Antidiabetic Drugs and Herbal Therapies  | 
Priyanka Purohit, Brahmeshwar Mishra 86-94
Total views: 404

Research Article

Molecular Properties and Bio-Activity Score of 2{[2-(4-chlorophenyl)-4- oxoquinazolin-3(4H)-yl]amino}-N-(substitutedphenyl) Acetamides  | 
S. Rajasekaran, GopalKrishna Rao, Zonunsiami 95-98
Total views: 256
Analytical Method Development and Validation of Metformin, Losartan and Glimepiride in Bulk and Combined Tablet Dosage form by Gradient RP-HPLC  | 
Mastanamma Shaik, Maharshi Viswanadhapalli, Saidulu Pasupuleti, Reehana Shaik 99-109
Total views: 304
Effect of Bile Salts on Transbuccal Permeability of Carbamazepine through Porcine Buccal Mucosa  | 
G. Parthasarathy, K. Bhaskar Reddy, K. N. Jayaveera 110-119
Total views: 344
Profile of Microvascular Complications in Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics and its Association with Correlates of Metabolic Syndrome in a Tertiary Hospital: An Observational Study  | 
Nikhitha Chandrashekar, Nivedita Maity, Pramila Kalra 120-125
Total views: 278
Antiulcer Study of Capparis zeylanica Extract on Gastric Secretions and Phenylbutazone Induced Chronic Ulceration in Experimental Animals  | 
Bhupesh Kumar Vema, Alok Mukerjee, Amita Verma, Shanti Bhushan Mishra, Alka Verma 126-133
Total views: 202

Review Article

Effects of Anemia on Cognitive Function  | 
Anuja Ranjan, Y. Jyothi, Kuntal Das, Angel Mary 134-142
Total views: 305
Drug Master File Filing in US, Europe, Canada and Australia  | 
Indu Gurram, M. V. S. Kavitha, Nagarjuna Reddy, M. V. Nagabhushanam 160-173
Total views: 283
Broad Spectrum UVA & UVB Photoprotectants: An Overview  | 
P. Adithi, Arshad Bashir Khan, S. K. Roopesh 143-147
Total views: 222
Solid Lipid Nanoparticles- An Innovative Approach for Improving the Solubility and Bioavailability  | 
C. Akash, Preethi Sudheer, Bharani S. Sogali 148-153
Total views: 218
A Review on Drug Interactions in Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs by Mechanism of Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Inhibition  | 
Giri Mrudula, Preeta Caroline, Tarun Kingsley, Ruby Jaiswal 154-159
Total views: 253


Proceedings  | 
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